Saturday, 22 January 2011

A day In bed.

As someone who rarely gets to spend a night with their loved one, usually down to incredibly early working times, to spend a day in bed sounds like a great first idea. To make it special, if you don't already, or your partner frequently does it for you, go down and get a lovely breakfast for them, put it onto a tray and bring the lot up for a breakfast in bed for your partner. That way, if your loved one is prone to rushing about in the morning, they won't have any reason to leave the warmth of your bed. Of course, if your other half is female, you run the danger of her leaving you in bed to look nice for you. If this is the case, you must tell her that she looks beautiful without makeup on or just stick the makeup that you know she uses onto the tray after breakfast and make sure to bring a mirror over too.
So then, what do you do with a day in bed? Naturally, the first thought that had occurred to me was to watch day time television or to watch a movie. Whilst this is doing something in bed together, it's not the most romantic thing to do, television and movies can be something for later in the day. Instead, it's always a nice idea to just talk. It is said that the majority of relationships fail because of the lack of talking between a couple. It doesn't have to be of anything in particular, but your other half will feel like you have done alot more if you talk than watched the box sat on your cupboard. It's often nice, throughout the morning to tell your partner how much you love them, and if your other half isnt wearing any makeup, to tell them how beautiful they look. It gives them the self confidence that they get when they put on the makeup in the morning.
Now, as this is the first blog post, and there isn't anyone currently reading this blog, it would be a rather hopeful idea to ask to hear about what you do when youve got a day on bed together, but maybe if your looking back for ideas in the future, you might decode tk leave a comment and I would be happy to hear the sort of romantic things you do with a day in bed with your loved one.

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  1. This blog is a wonderful idea Oliver. You are thinking way ahead of your years. But I can try these ideas only after my marriage (in another 2 months)